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The digitale Car-System - DC-Car-95.png Digital Controlled-Car since 2005

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New Update for car-decoder: [FEB 2017]
This is for DC-Car-XT

Setupversion 578E off CV-Programmers
Testversion ( Updateversion for 578K)      
The new CV-List

DC-Car-XT: now to buy
Controlled servos and indicater with the DC-Car
(Busstop, Firetuck on his ways)
Akku emty controll with DC07 April 2015.

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Why do we need this Wiki?
This DC-Car Wiki does not only serve for the explanation of concepts in the style of a dictionary but also shall offer the possibility of sharing personal experiences. This therefore goes beyond the idea of the original Wikipedia. So that this Wiki, however, also does justice to these claims, every DC-Car hobbyist is invited to share his knowledge here with like-minded or interested. By the way: We have 154 DC-Car-Articles online.

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