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Faller® 161507
Faller® 161567
Faller® 161612

Basic Car-System-Modell to DC-Car

It is not possible to provide an unambiguous conversion method due to the large variety of vehicles.
The conversion consists of two parts:
1. The mechanical conversion (to make a stand model rolling)
2. Digitizing (applying lighting and sensors and installing the decoder)

The nice thingh of the DC-Car System is that it is based on the Faller Car system and that it is compatible with this.
This also makes it relatively easy to built the system into a Faller Car vehicles.
We recommend starters therefore to choose a large Faller Car vehicle such as a truck or bus for their first conversion and thus gain first experiences.
At fairs and sites for 2nd hand stuff you will find sometimes these models friendly priced at.
Therefore, do not take your best model to start with, just start simple.
By choosing Faller Car vehicle you bypass the time-consuming mechanical conversion of a stand model as mentioned in point 1

'To digitize there are basically three options:'
1. Conversion with loose components
2. Conversion with wired components
3. Conversion with wired components with pre-mounted LEDs and sensors

The simplest method is to just install the anti-collision system and omit the other lights.
But the lighting features make the vehicles just so realistic. The lighting works by external control via IR emitters, or by installing the optional light sensor or continuous activation in the CVs of the decoder!

'If you yourself want to solder the wires to the LEDs or sensors, you can also order them wired' '
The LEDs and sensors each have their own color wire which leads to less work looking at converting
The colors are standardized and chosen so that they lead to less problems if they are accidentally mixed up.

  • IR-FTR-Kab Photo transistors with wires for the front
  • IR LED Kab Infrared LEDs with wires for the rear
  • Lighting bar with wires and IR LEDs for the rear
  • Update Connector with wires
  • Red, yellow and white LEDs with wires

Digitizing Faller Car vehicle (large)

Converting the larger Faller Car System vehicles such as truck, bus or Sprinter to DC Car. & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Not suitable for cars of Faller®!
What do you need for an enlightened model:

  • 1 DC07-SI Vehicle decoder (sleeps 1.2-2.4 volt battery as is usually standard in Faller Car vehicles).

'Sensors for the front channels to the rear' '

  • 2 IR-FTR (Photo Transistors thread color: purple / green)
  • 2 IR LEDs (infrared LEDs wire color: red / green)

'Enlightenment' '

  • 2 white LEDs for headlights (wire color: red / black)

4 yellow LEDs for the direction of (wire color: red / yellow (left) and wire color: red / orange (right))

  • 4 red LEDs for brake lights and tail (thread color: red / blue)


  • 2 yellow LEDs for the front turn signal
  • 1 RTL IR rear beam with turn signals, tail light, brake light and IR LEDs on a PCB

Other recommended equipment: '

Digitizing Faller Car vehicle (small)

Converting the small Faller Car System Models to DC-Car. & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Not every car Faller® is suitable for this! & Nbsp; & Nbsp; Not suitable for beginners!

  • 1 DC08-I vehicle decoder (3.6 volt battery).

'Sensors for the front channels to the rear'

  • 2 IR-FTR Photo Transistors
  • 2 IR LED Infrared LEDs

'Enlightenment' '

  • 2 white LEDs for headlights (red / black)

4 yellow LEDs for the direction of (red / yellow (left) and red / orange (right))

  • 2 red LEDs for the combined brake / tail lights (red / blue)

Other recommended equipment: '