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The questions are: Where do I start? or What do I need?

1. Video for instruction

Basic Video

The DC-Car-System Video with a small model railroad
DC Car distance control
Function decoder
Test of DC-Car decoder DC04-SI = DC05-SI
Easy functions with a magnet
using a DCC-Controller to with DC-Car
Reprogramming a DC-Car decoder
Converting a bus to DC-Car Part 1
Converting a bus to DC-Car Part 2
Converting a bus to DC-Car Part 3
Converting a bus to DC-Car Part 4
DC-Car 5 using DC-Car
DC-Car 6 CV programmer

More videos and pictures


2. Possibilities

There are many ways to use the DC-Car system:

Control without DCC addressing

If you want the cars to operate anonymously you can use the function module to operate the cars functions.
This works for all cars and does not use any way of addressing.
More information Function-modul.

Control with DCC addressing

With Progsets you can control the DC-Cars like a locomotive on your model railroad.
This is called "Short range IR control".
A better way to is to use the DC-Car Booster in conjunction with the optional LCIR in the car.
This is called "Long range IR control".

3. Feedback

Important for controlling via a PC is the feedback:Request-Modul so the computer knows where which car is.

4. Turn Offs

To turn off of into a new direction, one needs a turn-off.
The simplest solution is with a servo driven turn-off. To control it one needs electronics to operate the servo. Additional elecctronics, the Category:Function-Modul, DC-Cars get the turn signal instructions as a result of the turn-off being set.

Automatic Turn-offs with TINY

Using feedback sensors on can operate turnoffs from the vehicles themselves.
This works with Servotiny´s in a few turn-offs.

Automatic turnouts with servos and servo decoder

Better than electromagnets/coils is using servo turnouts and servo decoder.
Via the Inputprint you can operate servo decoders via feedback sensors.

The advantage: By combining a Servodecoder#S4DCC-Car with a function module you can have automatic turnout signals on your DC-Cars.

5. Control of Traffic

Traffic control

For Traffic control you can use traffic signals.
This traffic signal decoder can be controlled with DCC addresses via a model railroad DCC capable controller.

So you can control the traffic signals with the PC.
Using Stoptiny or category:Function-Modul stops the DC-Car.

6. Vehicle conversion

Mechanical conversion

Which model to start with? (German language only)

Electronic conversion

As a first model, the DC07-SI-LKW or DC07-SI-Bus is recommended. Also see DC07-SI.