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Feedback systems


A feedback system can be equipped with the S88 bus.
This S88 bus cabling must always be set up in a straight line. It can be connected up to 32 RM decoder consecutively.
It can use the modules from different manufacturers.
However is recommended if possible to stay with one brand.

The DC-Car-XT module can independently trigger reactions such as turn a junction.
The IR LED can be installed on the vehicle :

  • From the bottom of the vehicle sensors can detect vehicles in a roadway lane.
  • From the side of a vehicles in one lane.
  • From the back, the signal can be detected delineator posts with fototransistor.

Feedback unit RMD

The S88 RMD is a feedback decoder with 16 connections available.
By a switch or the wheels of a train, the inputs to ground can be switched and thus generate an occupation signal.

Feedbacks S88 with optocouplers

The decoders are robust against false wiring.
Module: S88 opto Through the optical input optocouplers the circuits are separated.
Such input needs some milliamps of current for switching and therefore can not be used with IR-sensors.

Feedbacks S88 DC Car

Module: S88 DC Car 16 Only phototransistors should be used as the input has a electronic filter. Such input needs some microamperes of current for switching and are thus sensitive if long leads are used.

Feedback unit with SET/RESET

Through Set / Reset a permanent Busy message is generated
Module: S88-CAR To use with any software because the hardware stores the signal.
Also available as S88 DC CAR8 for connecting IR sensors.

Feedbacks on time

A Busy message is extended in time, so that the equipment and software have time to process the message.
Module: S88-2 sec. Since a reed contact or a Hall sensor only produces a very short pulse, the signal is extended to 2 seconds with this feedback decoder.
That's enough for a model software that allows itself a saving of feedback. Not suitable for IR feedback!


From the street, the feedback must be recorded.
There are several possibilities.
See Feedback_sensor


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