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Magnetic switches, magnetic sensors

For car systems found two types of magnetic sensors application. Firstly, the reed switch on the other hand the Hall sensors.

Reed switch

Can be used for vehicles and road.
They are always made of glass. Thus they can be easily damaged, therefor they are available with a plastic sheath.
They are manufactured as a single switch (normally open) or as changeover switches.
In order to build a normally closed switch, a small magnet comes to the reed switch.
So it is turned on in resting possition. A counter magnetic field cancels the function.
Therefore, it may malfunction when it comes close to motors.
Readjust the magnets can eliminate the problem.

Hall sensor, Hall generator

HG1 is a Hall sensor inputs when driving over a magnet and off again.
This sensor is suitable for controlling the bus or fire automatic of DC-Car decoders.
The two magnets must have the same polarity.
First magnet above north pole, second magnet above north pole .
If you want to control both a fire brigade and a bus on the same road with magnets, the Hall sensor is installed on one vehicle with the label down and the other vehicle with the label facing up.
The one vehicle will only respond to the magnet with the north pole upwards.
The other vehicle only responds to the magnet to the south pole upwards.

HG2 is a Hall sensor which switches on when driving the first magnet pole
and remains switched on until the crossing of the second, re-poled magnet the South Pole.
There, the sensor switches off again.
The two magnets must have a different polarity.

First magnet above the North Pole, second magnet above.
This sensor can, for example, activate the siren chip inserted into a car without decoder.

Both sensors switch only when the magnet is applied to the front or back.


Street sensor

Delineator posts

There are 2 types of available.
One sends IR commands to the DC Car's by build in IR LED.
e.g. delineators Leitpfosten.jpg Available in varios shapes.

The other version receives IR signals by means of a phototransistor.

Feedback sensors

see IR-Request