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Elctronic Parts

Foto transistor

Foto transistors



IR-Receiver LCIR


If you connect the LCIR initially only to minus and serial at the decoder and leave +plus still open (eg to test the individual components), the decoder is switched to programming mode.
The decoder will not respond to regular commands! This manifests itself by flashing lights.
Find out more:

The mark at a tantalum condensator is + plus! Kondensatoren.jpg

LED and wiring



Reed-Switch, Reed-Sensor

Used to stop at a magnetic coil. (Stop coil from Faller)

Reedschalter im Fahrzeug

abschaltbare Reedstopfunktion F4

and imbedded in the road to generate a feedback signal for railroad software.

Hall Sensor

Hall Sensor, Hall Generator

HG1 is a Hall Sensor which switches an "ON" pulse if the car is over the magnet.

This Sensor is used to control the automatic for bus or fire engine.

Both magnets must have the same polarity.


To distinguish the bus from the fire engine the Sensor is mounted in follwing way:

At the bus the sensor shows the inscription to the bottom.

At the fire engine the sensor shows the inscription to the top.

One car reacts only to the magnet with northpole at top of the road
the other reacts on the southpole.

HG2 is a Hall Sensor which switches "ON" if the car is over the first magnet eg. with northpole
and switches "OFF" at the second magnet eg. with southpole.


The horn can be switch on and off at a special point on the layout.


DC-Car decoders

DC01 to DC02 obsolete

DC03 only for special operations

DC04 (until September 2009 = DC05)

DC04-SI standard decoder with receiver and voltage transformer for almost all applications, from 1.2 volts.

DC05 just like the DC04 only program extension for things that no longer fit into the DC04.

DC06 with receiver ideal for vehicles with Lipo battery (3.6 volts - 4.2 volts)

Fewer function outputs as it should come to smaller dimensions.

This makes it ideal for construction vehicles (without detachable trailer) with empty loading areas and cars.

Connected to an LCIR receiver, cars can also be operated with the PC program WinDigipet.



DC/DC converter


Only for lighting purposes can simple voltage converter be used The delivers from 2.4 volts about 3 volts with power only for 2 white LED. By serial connection, 2 red LEDs are also to be put into operation.


This better voltage converter with 4 capacitors delivers from 2.4 volts 5 volts with 50 mA.
It is suitable for simple electronics.
As a single voltage converter, it is available from Mara-Elektronik.


This voltage conferter from 1.2 volts to 4.2 volts delivers about 100 mA.
The can also be supplied with 2.4 volts, then it delivers about 200 mA
Br360k-.jpg This voltage converter is used in DC04-SI DC05-SI

Low power motors can be supplied with it.
The converter can deliver up to 5.5 volts by changing the resistors.
It can also be used as a speed controller for car system vehicles.

Feed back


A beam of light is interrupted and triggers a response.

Reflection optocoupler

An object reflects the light thus triggers a response.

Magnetic feedback

see Reed switch also see Hall sensor

Feedback decoder

see [Category:Request_moduls#Feedback_systems]

Reader feedback

The models are equipped with an identification element.
The readers report the number to the system or trigger something.

  • Transponder technology (Liffinski Datentechnik) (disc)

The system may give software the number for further processing.

  • Barcode technology (Holtermannn-Elektronik) (barcode)

The system can display and evaluate a number to trigger a function.

  • IRIS by Uhlenbrock (Electronics)

The system controls the Intellibox and triggers functions over it.

Switch decoder

Digital module for switching electrical products with an address.

Most with relay output

Servo decoder

see Servo decoder

RS232-Adapter for DC-Car


Beispiel usb.htm


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