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DC-Car Information for DC07-I-Decoder

Decoder with IR-receiver but without DC-DC convertor on board

Basics Category:DC07   special type: DC07-SI   DC07-I   DC07-S

DC07-SI-li-en.png DC07-SI-dec.png DC07-SI-re-en.png

The decoder is 10 x 15 mm small and 2,8 mm thick.
The solder logs distance is 1,0 mm. Compaired with a SMD-LED 0603: 0,8 x 1,2 mm.

For general purpose with all functions avqailaable.

  • DC07-I Supply voltage: 3,6 to 5,0 Volt. the decoder can be used with LiPo battery.

Input: Battery + to 4V output (LED+) or with a diode 1N4001 to battery input.