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short Transmitter Light on / off

Type of transmittor

There are IR LEDs in different designs and wavelengths.
Type 1 Short Distance Emitter

  • SMD type 0603 without wire (1 x 1.2 mm)
  • 3 mm wide beam 60 degrees with short connections
  • 3 mm narrow radiating 40 degrees with short connections
  • 5 mm with short connections

Type 2 Long Distance Emitter

For short distances

Using type 1:
The IR emitters are used at the roadside. They emit to the vehicle.
Depending on the resistance, the range is 5-30 cm. Sunlight reduces the range.
These emittors are used with:

All DC cars react to these emitters, so no address is necessary.

Only DC cars with the set address react to these emitters.

see also Stop coil
see also Progset
The long distance emitters type 2 are not suitable for this operating mode

For long distances

Using type 2:
The other mode of transmission achieves a longer range. Theoretically, up to 7 meters are possible. Therefore, IR emitters from the ceiling can control the models. The transmission depends on the IR LED.
The models must be equipped with the LCIR.
The modules are designed per output (7 available) for 5 LEDs in series.
NOTE: The short-range IR LEDs type 1 for Function modul are not suitable for operation with DC-Car-Booster or PC-Transmitter

DC Car Booster


DC Car PC Transmitter