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Distance Control Basics

There are various possibilities to implement a distance control.

plant control

In this case, stop positions are triggered when a vehicle passes over a sensor
This means the following vehicle will be stopped for a certain time
The stops can be:

The distance is only corrected at this point.
There must be several distance control points installed

vehicle control

  • Magnetic Magnet Reed switch or Hallsensor -> short range
  • Acoustic with ultrasound -> Too big and sensitive to noise
  • Radiocontrol -> For the minimal model construction too big.
  • Optical reflection of a light beam -> sensitive to ambient light

DC car goes a different way.
The vehicles are talking about IR light.
Therefore, only DC car vehicle can keep the distance between each other

The advantage over a plant control is: Each vehicle maintains the distance itself.
Any number of vehicles can be used on the system.

Further explanations see also: What_do_I_need

This data transfer by infrared light can be disturbed by too much light (sun, incandescent lamps)
This reduces the distance between the DC car vehicles
Therefore the use outside is not possible
The model can also be operated with the same technology
([Functional_modules,_Function_decoders]] or Digital Center with Progset)