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Priorität rules VT VTL

VT-Tiny and VTL-Tiny

Usable for:

  • Stop sign (timed)
  • Priority control
  • Construction sites
  • Narrowing roads
  • Parking stop / bus stop
  • Priority control for left turning traffic VTL

The priority tiny can be used with DC-Car to control the traffic.
If a vehicle drives over a sensor (reed switch, Hall sensor HG1, IR sensor), an IR stop signal is generated for an adjustable time.
The stop signal of the VTL tiny only reacts to vehicles with the left turn signal switched on.

VT PLan 2015.png


To use with 5 Volt
IC2 = VT tiny or VTL tiny
C1 + C5 = Tantal capacitor 4,7uF/16 Volt
C3 + C4 = Tantal capacitor 1uF/16 Volt
R1 = Resistor for IR-LED 150 - 680 Ohm
R2 = Resistor 50K
R4 = Resistor 270 Ohm
R6 = Resistor 100 Ohm soldering vertical
R7 = Resistor 10K

Expansion for 12 Volt
D1 = 1N4001 Diode
IC1 = 78S05 Voltage regulator
C2 = Capacitor 470uF / 35 Volt
8 pin 2,54mm
4 pin for power
Reedkontact / Taster / Hall sensor HG1
Power 12 V =

VT Platine2015.png

Ready to work VTF und VFIRF ist not dem same as a kit!

VTF-Anschluss.jpg   VorfahrtsteuerungIR-DE.png Attention: FTR-+