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O302 with DC07-SI and HG1 Hall sensor
O302 with GL-engine

Bus automatic with DC-Car

This is a automatic function in the DC-Car decoder to generate a bus stop with a minimum on hardware and no additional electronics.
There are two different conditions for a bus stop.

  • Bus stop is next to the road
  • or the bus stop is on the road

It is one or the other.
The function can be triggered via a hall sensor in the bus and two magnets in the road.
It is also possible to use the function module and have the control via IR LEDs.

How it works:
The first magnet is placed before the bus stop.
This magnet turn on the turn out light and slows down the speed.
The second magnet is placed on the stop position.
This actives the stop and timer function, controls the light functions and IR LED at the back (anti collision system).

Setting up the DC-Car decoder:

The bus automatic has to be activated and set up in CVs:
Activate Hall sensor and select position of bus stop as well as the function of IR LEDs on the back:

Bus stop next to the road IR LED on the back: OFF O CV100 = 14
Bus stop on the road IR LED on the back: ON O CV100 = 15
Interior light / working light = light2 ON O CV111 = 123
Interior light / working light = light2 OFF O CV111 = 1
Hazard warning ON O CV112 = 3
Hazard warning OFF O CV112 = 0
Waiting time O CV103 Specify (0-63 seconds). Standard = 20 seconds

If you do not have your own CV setting options (digital control unit or CV-Programmer), you can also order the settings.
When ordering, just specify the above mentioned CVs