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priority circuit

With this priority circuit , a large number of traffic situations are simulated.
This arrangement includes a circuit for a set time for DC - Car - Stop command sends . The input of the circuit needs a boost to the stop command to start . You can install the supplied Hallsensor in the road . The Hallsensor is activated by the magnet of the driving vehicles.

The circuit operates with a pulse stretching . This means that the ON- time of the stop command will be extended if new ideas come from the nearest vehicles.

The circuit has a protection resistor for the supplied IR LED
(long connection +). This maximum 2 IR LED are possible in parallel.
To decrease the range, a further resistor may be connected in between.


For the supply of the circuit is a model railway transformer or a DC 12-18 volts necessary.
A plurality of Hall sensors can be connected at the input. As is apparent from the drawing, a + 5 Volt power to the Hall sensors. Red = +, black = ground, green = input delivered by the device. As a switching element and push-button or Reed switch can be used between 0 V and the.

Using a screwdriver, time is adjustable ( 1 s - . 20 sec).