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Hall sensor

This is a electronic component which reacts to magnetic fields. It is used to trigger a functions in the vehicle.
But it is also used as a feedback input device in the street if you want automation or PC control.

Hall sensor HG1


HG1 for moment actuation
It only responds to one magnetic direction.
A Reed_switch, however, reacts to any magnetic fields.
When used as trigger for car decoder function, the Hall sensor must be installed on the left side behind the front wheel.
It can be used as feedback sensor in the roadway.

For the DC-Car it is used for Bus automatic and Fire engine automatic. The respective function is set via CV's.
So that only the respective vehicle reacts, is

  • For the bus, the Hall sensor with the high surface area is installed to bottom. (North pole of the magnet)
  • For the emergency vehicle, the high-area Hall sensor is installed to the top . (South pole of the magnet)

Hall sensor HG2


The Hall sensor has a memory function and stores the signal.
With one magnetic direction (e.g., North Pole) it turns on and with the other pole it is turned off.
To be used with DC-Car Sound Module 1 K1
So it can control the switching input of the Soundtiny K1.

It can also be used to turn on other electronics or LEDs.