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Input print for servo- and traffic light decoder

To operate the servos manually or via Hall sensors, reed switches, etc. we have the optional Input print available.

The Processor gets the signals from a switch, reedswitch, Hallsensors or IR-Sensoren from (MINUS) and deliver the commands to the servo decoder.

All settings for the servos are programmed with the programmer over the PC, called Servo programmer it can be downloaded for free. The communication from PC to servo decoders is done by RS232 or USB (via USB convertor).

The servo decoder from DC-Car (MoBa-Claus) can also be operated with a PC via the RS232 port.
Besides the progamm for the servo decoder, the CD also includes a program for operating the servos by mouse or keyboard.
With self-written programs it is feasible to implement some time-automatic sequences.

Controlled Servodecoders S4 and S8

S Vorsatz Bestueckung neu.png

Controlled Servodecoder W4

S Vorsatz W4.png

Controlled Traffic_signal_decoder

Schaltervorsatz Ampel.png

+ 5 V Out- GroundTrafficlight A - DCall LightNightNothaltStart BStart Aauto, offauto. off
green red


siehe Kit contruction inputprint Servodecoder Traffic_signal_decoder


Hallsensors and R-Sensoren need a +5V connetion.
The left connector is 5V

use the servodecoder: with Extanionsconnector

S8DCC/MOT up 01-02-2009  W4DCC/MOT up 26-04-2009
S4DCC/MOT up 10-21-2008  Traffic_signal_decoder up 10-2010

1. S8-W4.png 2. Master_Bruecke.jpg

S8 and IP together

One screw is removed from the plug and the socket.<br Then the assemblies can be plugged together and the ground connection is still given If the switch is installed in a switchboard for the pushbuttons, a standard RS232 extension cable can be used

many servos with one switch

One switch can be used to operate several points simultaneously
The resistances should be 4.7 K and the diodes should be 1N4148
A control unit can be equipped with an RS232 cable (9-pin sub-D extension)
remote from the servo decoder.

Servodecoder Traffic_signal_decoder