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The system works with the network technology.
Thus, there is no driver problem in the USB area.

The modules are set central with the Programmer.
The LoDi programmer is a Java tool, it runs on

  • PC Windows from WIN7, 8 and 10
  • Mac from Mountian Lion or higher
  • Linux: Suse, Ubuntu etc.

The system disconnects:
The LoDi system basically consists of three main components:

LoDi-Rector and the LoDi-Booster:
Generates the track signal for the rolling stock.
LoDi-S88-Commander and the connected feedback modules:
Detect the locomotives on the track and report them back to the control software.
LoDi-Shift-Commander and the connected modules:
Operate and control switches, signals, lighting and room lighting control.

Driving DCC - Motorola

LoDi-Rektor Network -> DCC - MOT
This corresponds to a digital center
LoDi-Booster Power Amplifier
The normal booster can be used via the 3-pin connector.
The LoDi boosters are RailCom enabled.
LoDi-KSM Keyless Module
In a 2 wire system, a reverse loop is a bit problematic.
There is the reverse loop module for this.

Turn points - Lights - Devices

Report Feedback



Software for LoDi

iTrain WinDigipet


Attachments: with LoDi

Model railway Magic

Clubs with LoDi