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Software for Windows and Mac


Modern software techniques make it possible to use iTrain on all common operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Client-server architecture allows the use of another computer as an additional dashboard or train overview. The dashboard is fully scalable and has an extra overview for very large model trains as well as additional tabs for a different view of parts of the track.

In the beta test is a special variant for car control.

Model Railroad Software - iTrain

iTrain Model Railways Software
With the model railway software, the DC cars can be controlled.

Model Highway Software - iCar

iCar Special version for car control

With the model railway software, the DC cars can be controlled.
In the future, the car control will provide further functions in the control process.

iTrain can control digital panels with DCC format.
DC car needs the setting DCC28, like a locomotive.
The servo decoders for magnetic stops or branches can be used via DCC or Motorola.

There are 4 ways to control DC cars possible

Servo control (magnetic stop positions)

For controlling the DC cars with built-in and active reed switch.
8 consecutive solenoid addresses such as switches or other switching functions are used

Function decoder (IR stop position)

For controlling any DC car even small cars.
8 consecutive solenoid addresses are used, such as switches or other switching functions.

DC-Car-Booster Control (LCIR)

In large vehicles, the remote receiver LCIR can be used.
Loco addresses 1 Standard to 126 or 129 to 9999 are used

DC-Car-Control (Spotlight)

Small vehicles can be operated with the Progsets (Stahlern) over short range up to 20 cm.
Loco addresses 1 Standard to 126 or 129 to 9999 are used

Automatic operation by feedback

Magnetic Hall sensor or Reed switch

Feedback is needed for the software to know where the vehicle is.
S88 feedback decoders can be used with reed switch.
Hall sensors are also usable with it
We offer:

  • Standard 16 pulse inputs for tracks or fast feedback inputs.
  • Extends 16 pulse inputs with 2 seconds extension for safer triggering.
  • Stores 8 inputs for busy logging and 8 inputs for free logging.

(Not applicable to multiple vehicles in a block)

IR technique

We also have S88 IR feedback decoder. On the DC cars, an IR LED can shine on the street or on the right side.

This is how the DC cars safely report to the feedback decoder.
But it can also reach the IR distance radiator at the rear.
Due to the vehicle length, however, an exact position can not be determined.

Depending on the installation of the feedback sensor, sufficiently long switching times are achieved.
Some software may require storage anyway.
Ground lights: They are to be installed like the manhole cover 5 mm to the right of the lane in the road.
Poles: These are roadside

XT moduls

An XT module allows filtering on the basis of IR signals from a DC car.

  • because the turn signal is switched.

Turn the servo to turn off, turn off the Binker or activate another function

  • Evaluate battery charge message, vehicle number or genre

Set the servo and / or control a DC car with a command. (As feedback for the feedback decoder) e.g. AkkuLeer -> Stop

  • Control by IR signal

All commands of a function block s can be selected with the software CV-Programmer.