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A drive for models from 10.5 tire height

The drive combines motor and gearbox into one unit. 'GL 1-46-7' available from 8/2010:
This quiet, low-maintenance drive incorporates a 7 mm motor. For a tire size of 10 mm, the drive for a maximum of 95 grams of models is intended.

Reduction: 1:46
Motor: 7 mm approximately 25 mA at 1.2 volts at idle, a maximum of 300 mA
blocked with 1.2 volts suitable for Oldtimer (55km / h)
with 2.4 volts operated faster than standard Faller® models (84 km / h)
(Speed information 1/87 scale with 10 mm wheels) Ideal for fast emergency vehicle

To reduce the speed, the following can be undertaken:
A diode 1N4001 reduces the battery voltage to the motor by about 0.7 volts
A Schottky diode reduces the battery voltage to the motor by about 0.4 volts
With CV5 the maximum speed can be adjusted in the decoder.
It should be noted that the difference between CV2 and CV5 should be at least 70.
If the value is small, so the distance control can no longer regulate properly.
Special Features:
To ensure smooth running of the motor it should be mounted in the direction of travel.
Storage temperature +5 to +40 degrees
Operating +15 to +35 degrees
Humidity max. 60%

Aluminum housing with interchangeable bushings made of copper
These bushings have proved their worth, as they take up no dirt
Design with a worm and a wormwheel (helical) of plastic (German production)
low wear, low maintenance
The transmission shows its durability on many exhibition and show equipment in daily use.
There are almost all vehicles with the DC-Car Decoder and the GL gear in use
7 days a week and up to 10 hours per day
Available is also a car version with the reduction of 21: 1 and a 6mm Motor
This gearbox has no case to have more freedom during installation.
Other transmissions are at GLCE in working for:

  • Smaller vehicle
  • Trailor truck
Dimensions of the drive
Photo of the drive
Speed reduction with a diode

Prices: See our shops

To buy in Spain Spanien.png: User:Dabid