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The digitale Car-System - DC-Car-95.png Digital Controlled-Car since 2005

  • Easier than most other car systems     * gradually expandable     * from a vehicle automatic to PC control     * Pictures_and_Video

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One car is driving alone
with DC-Car-Automatik
Wiki DSC03997.jpg
Only by DC-Car
Convoy from Firetrucks


Easy to beginn or
integrate in
your Car-System.

Two DC-Cars are driveing
without crossing an junktion
without extern control
At the outerside drives
the next two DC-Cars

basiks the

Easy to beginn or
integrate in
your Car-System.


Several DC cars drive across
crossings and junctions.
automatic controlled

Light controlled


To expand small and large
model railway systems

Several DC cars drive across
crossings and junctions.
User controlled
Light controlled

Affordable solution
for the entry

Several vehicles At crossroads and junctions
Through a digital center and
PC-controlled automatically


This is also complicated

Processes can be realized

DC-CAR System was developed by retired computer engineer Claus Ilchmann in Germany. After visiting Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg Germany, Claus was fascinated with the operation of the moving cars and trucks on the layout. Since Wunderland's technology was proprietary, Claus decided to design a system that had realistic vehicle operation on his own. After much trial and error, he developed what is now the DC-CAR System.

The system uses Infrared [IR] signals much like your TV remote control. The front of every vehicle has a small IR receiver sensor, and the rear has a transmitter. Built into the chip hidden inside every vehicle is the collision avoidance logic. As the lead vehicle travels, it sends out a signal to the vehicle that's following. When the rear vehicle gets to close to the lead vehicle, it's brake lights come on for a few seconds, and the distance control programming takes effect. The rear vehicle starts to slow down, and when the lead vehicle stops , the vehicle behind stops as well. The decoder boards work in a manner similar to DCC locomtives and include the ability to change the CV values of many functions.

Miniature Motor Works was started by Thomas Kapatelis, during his 45 years in the model making and custom fabrication industry, he has been involved in the design and development of components for clients such as Bombardier/Lear Jet , and Disney- MGM Studios Theme Parks. Among his accomplishments during the ten years he ran his own company are full size aircraft trade show displays and specialty automotive and military parts. Been to Orlando? You may have seen the overturning military truck in the Indiana Jones Thrill Show.

Since 2000, Thomas has been General Manager of SMARTT inc., Scale Models Arts & Technologies, overseeing precision fabrication of the foundation, structural, and electrical work of model railroad projects such as Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, Sacramento's California State Railroad Museum, Aventura Mall's annual train display, and dozens of private high-end displays. In addition, Thomas has now also turned his eye towards new technology, the DC-Car-System.

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