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There are magnets with different powers. Neodymium magnets are very strong.
The magnets are also differentiated according to the intended use.


Steering magnet

This is what they call magnets that sit on the steering lever of Car System models.

Magnets for street

Faller-Car-System Mader-Magent-Truck DIY DC-Car
Wire yes no yes yes
1mm thick 3 mm width Magnetic wire Streetsystem teilweise no yes yes
3 mm thick 3 mm width Magnetic wire Mader partly partly yes yes
3 mm thick 6 mm width Magnetic wire Mader partly yes yes yes

Control magnet

Switching magnet

The magnets are attached to the model to trigger Reedswitch or HG1 (Hall sensor).

Pre-tensioning magnet

Reed switches are pre-magnetized in order to react to a certain polarity.

Stop magnet

They are built into the layout to stop DC cars with millimeter precision.

Coupling magnet

This is used to keep flaps closed or other components to be held together.
E.g. cover on a vehicle or trailer on the traction engine.