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A DC-Car-Booster modulates the data signal of a DCC control station and transmits it via the IR LEDs.
This way of transmitting increases the range. Theoretically, transmission is possible up to 7 meters.
In order to ensure that the IR LEDs can control the cars, they should be mounted on the ceiling.
The cars must have the optional LCIR receiver installed and it must be activated by CV21=4

As a result, 7 x 5 = 35 LED can be connected. That's enough for about 35 square meters layout size.
DCC Booster Bestueckungsplan.gif upto 2013
DCC Booster-2013.png from 2013


By DC-Car-Booster, the vehicles can be controlled over a longer distance.
It is operated at 12-16 volts AC or DC.
The digital input is connected to the track connection (main track) of a DCC control station.
All outputs together can be loaded with 1 Ampere.
At each of the 7 outputs a chain of up to 5 infrared LEDs can be connected, ie a total of 35 LEDs
On the DC-Car-Booster is a control LED. This lights up when a DCC signal has been detected.
In cooperation with an Intellibox or Twin Center is lit permanently.
Together with other systems or in multiprotocol these may flash irregularly.
If the DCC signal fails, the booster sends a stop signal to all the cars and the indicator flashes.

To use the DC-Car Booster, an additional remote receiver must be installed in each vehicle.
By programming the CV21 this additional receiver is activated:

There are no signals from the LongControlIR received (LCIR).

  • DC-Car-Booster CV21 = 4 |

The 'DC-Car-Booster' is easily connected to the track (main track) which is connected to the digital control station.

'WARNING: The CV21 in the towing vehicle and the trailer Decoder must always have the same value. Otherwise, driving the trailer decoder stops working. '

CV programming disabled

There are no CV settings from the DC-Car-Booster transferred to the car.
This feature was removed for safety's sake, because it came to unwanted programming of vehicles using the same DCC address. A programming transmitted along the rails should only be made by short range IR transmission via a Progset, this IR-LED transmitsthe data directly on the track or on the CV-Programmer.
But if you want to programm by DC-Car Booster you have to ground PIN 28 of the processor by a bridge or jumper on the board. Alternatively, you can also use a switch.

'NOTE: When you perform a reset, ALL vehicles in range of the transmitter are resetted!'

Extension for booster or PC transmitter

DCC Booster Bestueckungsplan.gif

Booster Erweiterung2.png

Booster Erweiterung2text.jpg
Since not 2 Booster may irradiate a car at the same time, the controller can be extended only by an amplifier.

For further 7 chains
with 5 LED
must be installed all odds.

To connect the modules to high-quality cables are used most shilded cable.
The lines of the IR LED should be with Litzekabel and as short as possible.
With bell wire (rigid wires) may falsify the data.